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The top six players on each All-Sectional Team automatically are advanced for consideration for the All-State Team. The All-State Teams are then chosen by the All-State committee.

  • All protests should be made to the All-State Manager, who has the power to add to or subtract from the list of players eligible for All-State.
  • Voters for All-State are chosen by the All-State Manager. There is one voter for each sectional, with Class A voters choosing the Class A All-State Teams and Class AA voters choosing the Class AA All-State Teams.
  • The All-State Manager sends the nominating forms for every eligible player to be considered for All-State to the voters. The voters then have two weeks to rank the players they consider to be the top twenty. The top vote-getters are the All-State Team, with a First and Second Team chosen in each class so that each team contains ten players.

This page is the central location for all matters relating to the IHSSBCA All-State Program. The full procedure for All-Sectional and All-State Awards are available here. The IHSSBCA seeks to recognize the top players in the state in both Class A and Class AA. If you have any questions, please contact the All-State manager, Brad Fischer.