The Coaches Association is run by volunteers. We always have a lot to do and could use your help.

Here is a list of the unelected positions and, in most cases, the name of the person currently filling the position. For those marked with an asterisk, the positions are either unfilled, or the people currently filling the position would prefer to have someone else step forward and offer to take over the job. They would be happy to work with the new person to ease the transition.

In any case, our thanks go out to all these IHSSBCA members, who collectively donate over 1,000 hours of their time.

  • All-Sectional Teams Coordinator: Kristin Strey
  • All-State Teams Coordinator: Brad Fischer
  • Awards Banquet Coordinator: Sharon Lorinskas
  • Awards Plaque Purchaser: Sharon Lorinskas
  • * Coaches Hall of Fame Coordinator: David Reinstein
  • Coaches Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Chair: Karen Niemeier
  • Coaches Poll Director: Brad Fischer
  • Conference Rep Manager and Researcher: Michael Sacks
  • * Fundraising Chair: (open)
  • Kickoff Tournaments Coordinator: Erin Limestall
  • * Membership Coordinator: (open)
  • * Moderator Certification Coordinator: (open)
  • NAQT State Wildcard Coordinator: Sharon Lorinskas
  • Newsletter Editor: Kristin Strey
  • Novice Tournaments Coordinator: Kristin Strey
  • Publicity Chair: David Reinstein
  • Publicity Assistant: Alec Krueger
  • SchoBowlFest Coordinator: Sharon Lorinskas
  • Scorebooks Mailer: Kristin Strey
  • Team Illinois Coaches: Mike Sorice
  • Turnabout Tournaments Coordinator: Michael Laudermith
  • Tournament Calendar Coordinator: Kristin Strey
  • Webmaster: Hunter Fast

* These jobs are open or the current person doing them would prefer to transfer the responsibilities. Please email ihssbca@ihssbca.org if you are interested in taking over or filling any of these positions.