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All-Sectional/All-State Policies Page

The 2023-2024 All-Sectional teams are posted here

2024-25 Dates

All-Sectional/All State Nominations were open online from 12:00am Monday, January 6 through 5:00pm Friday, January 31, 2025
Corrections to submitted nominations may be made through 5:00pm Friday, February 7, 2025
All-Sectional Voting will be open online from 12:00am Monday, February 10 through 5:00pm Friday, February 21, 2025

About All-Sectionals

All-Sectional and All-State awards are recognition for the most skilled and enthusiastic players in each IHSA Sectional division. Think of them as the “All-Tournament” teams for the year. You do not need to be an IHSSBCA member to nominate or vote for All-Sectionals. All-Sectional players must be nominated by a current or former coach or administrator, or by the head coach at their Sectional host school. Voting is open to all current Illinois high school coaches, who submit a ranking of the top twelve players in their IHSA Sectional. Once the votes have been tallied, the top twelve players in each Sectional are named to their Sectional’s All-Sectional team. The top six All-Sectional players from each Sectional are advanced automatically to All-State consideration. All-State players are honored at the annual awards banquet.

What You Need to Nominate a Player for All-Sectional

All-Sectional nominations consist of two parts: statistics and a letter of recommendation. These two parts work together to help the other coaches who will vote on your player understand how s/he does in and out of games. Statistics help other coaches quantify your player’s in-game performance and compare it to that of other players. Your letter of recommendation helps other coaches understand the depths of your player’s character and drive.

Download this page to read more about what you need to prepare for All-Sectional nominations.
Download this fictional nomination to see an example.
View the policies page for All-Sectional and All-State Awards here.

All-Sectional voting

All-Sectional voting is open to all current Illinois high school coaches. You do not need to be an IHSSBCA member to participate in All-Sectional voting. To vote for All-Sectionals, download a Sectional Nominations packet (posted after the nomination period has ended) and read through the nominations for each nominated player in your IHSA Sectional. Then, rank the players who you believe to be the twelve best in your Sectional, from the best at #1 down to #12. A first-place vote is tallied as 12 points, and a twelfth-place vote is tallied as one point for a player. If there are fewer than 12 nominees in your Sectional, all players will automatically be All-Sectional players; however, your vote is still important to help us determine how to advance players to All-State consideration. After voting has ended, the points will be tallied, and the top twelve players in each Sectional will be named to their All-Sectional team. The top six players in each Sectional will advance automatically to All-State consideration.

This button will open Coaches can use this external resource to search for player statistics when preparing to nominate or vote for All-Sectional players.

The database search checks statistics posted on the national tournament database at and NAQT’s independent database at Please be aware that not all competitions show up in this resource. Statistics saved in Neg5 cannot be searched with this tool, and information may be missing or incomplete for many conferences and leagues. The IHSSBCA is not affiliated with this independently-managed resource.