Use this link to download a registration form for 2022.

The annual SchoBowlFest conference will be held on September 24, 2022 at Lincoln Community High School. You can also register through the 2022-23 IHSSBCA membership form. SchoBowlFest is open to everyone, but admission is discounted with IHSSBCA membership.

What is SchoBowlFest?

SchoBowlFest is an annual conference for Illinois coaches. Community members are also welcome to attend. The conference usually includes a morning session and an afternoon session, and includes community discussions and talks from experienced coaches on topics like recruitment, fundraising, running practices, keeping team statistics, or running tournaments. Please read the SchoBowlFest policies page for more information about SchoBowlFest.


The 2022 SchoBowlFest will be held at Lincoln Community High School and online through the IHSSBCA’s social media and website.

If you would like to host a future SchoBowlFest at your school, email Matt Hasquin.


The conference is $15 per person to the public or $5 per person for IHSSBCA members. In-person attendees can purchase a sandwich lunch to be delivered for an additional $10.