SchoBowlFest is an annual conference of Illinois coaches. Please read the SchoBowlFest policies page for more information about SchoBowlFest.

The 2021-22 SchoBowlFest will be held online!

SchoBowlFest will begin at 10:00am on September 25 with a Town Hall Q&A session that will be open to the public. Come prepared with questions about organizing your team, setting up a tournament or practice schedule, mentoring your team, coaching to particular topics, learning the “canon” of scholastic bowl topics, or any other aspect of coaching.

After a lunch break, the conference will pick back up at 1:00pm with breakout presentations on using the statistics program YellowFruit and organizing your team practices. The presentations will be open only to IHSSBCA members; membership forms and payments can be turned in on the day of the conference.


Watch our Facebook page for updates!

If you would like to host a future SchoBowlFest at your school, email Matt Hasquin.


The 2020 SchoBowlFest will be free to IHSSBCA members! SchoBowlFest presentations will be recorded and posted for free on our Facebook page after the event.