IHSSBCA Novice tournaments provide a low-difficulty, early-season tournament experience for new and young players. Novice tournaments use IHSSBCA rules. Please read our IHSSBCA Tournament Policies and our guidelines for coaches, players, game officials, and tournament hosts.

A registration form for the 2022 Novice will be posted in Fall 2022.


The annual Novice tournaments was held statewide on October 16, 2021.

Barrington site: contact Jeff Price
Granite City site: contact Jaime Pamatot
Keith Country Day (Rockford) site (12 teams max): contact Kristin Burns
Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort) site: contact D. Matthew Jordan
Mattoon site: contact Brendan Aydt
Virtual site: contact Brad Fischer

Contact Kristin Strey with questions, or if you’re interested in hosting a Novice tournament.

Novice Player Restrictions

This tournament is open to all IHSSBCA member teams, but only the following students may play:

  • Any freshman who has never made the top 100 players at MSNCT;
  • Any sophomore who has never made the top 100 players at MSNCT, and who has never made the top ten players at a tournament or conference in high school; and
  • Any junior or senior entering their first season of high school play.

For the “top players” above, lists should be compiled at the end of preliminary play, if a tournament involves prelims and playoffs phases.


Fees are $50 for the first team and $45 for each subsequent team. Every school must have a current IHSSBCA member to register for a Novice tournament; if you are not a member, you must join to enter a team or teams.

Question Set

IHSSBCA Novice will be run on the SCOP Novice set.