Novice tournaments use IHSSBCA rules. Please read our IHSSBCA Tournament Policies and our guidelines for coaches, players, game officials, and tournament hosts.

Use this form to register for 2020 Novice.


The annual Novice tournaments will be held online on the mornings of October 17 and 24, 2020. Teams must attend both tournament dates; five prelim rounds will be held on the 17th, and five playoff rounds will be held for all teams on the 24th.

To prepare for this year’s online tournaments, download our guide to using Discord, online tournament policies, online tournament rules, and our statements on cheating and latency issues in online tournaments

Novice Player Restrictions

This tournament is open to all IHSSBCA member teams with the following restrictions on individual players:

  • A player must have played fewer than 40 varsity-level matches for his or her school’s top team.
  • A player must have played fewer than 80 career high school matches at any level.
  • A player must NOT have scored more than 35 points per game at a varsity invitational tournament.
  • A player must never have scored more than 20 points per game at a high school national championship tournament.
  • A player must never have been named to an All-Tournament Team at a high school tournament.
  • A player must never have been named to the All-Tournament Team at NAQT’s Middle School National Championship Tournament


Fees are $50 for the first team and $45 for each subsequent team. Every school must have a current IHSSBCA member to register for a Novice tournament; if you are not a member, you must join to enter a team or teams.

Question Set

IHSSBCA Novice will be run on the SCOP Novice set.