SchoBowlFest Entry Fee – Members Rate


For members only. Registration for one IHSSBCA member to the SchoBowlFest annual coaching conference. If you are not an IHSSBCA member, purchase the community rate instead.



Registration for one person to the SchoBowlFest annual coaching conference. SchoBowlFest includes community discussions and talks from experienced coaches on topics like recruitment, fundraising, running practices, keeping team statistics, or running tournaments.

The conference is held annually in the early Fall. Registrations received after the current season’s SchoBowlFest will be credited to the next year’s conference. Check the SchoBowlFest page for dates and information about upcoming SchoBowlFests.

You do not need to indicate whether you are attending live or virtually; we will send a link to the Zoom meeting to all SchoBowlFest registrants in the days prior to the conference, as well as a reminder email on the morning of the conference.