Scorebook – Large Size


One spiral-bound scorebook containing scoresheets for 100 standard matches, 14 Masonic-style matches, and 11 IHSA-style matches. Standard match scoresheets can be used for 20- or 24-tossup games with three-part bonuses.



One spiral-bound scorebook with clear plastic front cover and black plastic back cover for durability. Scorebook can lie flat, and the cover and pages can be folded around to the back for extra support. The Large Size book contains 100 scoresheets that can be used for 20- or 24-tossup matches with three-part bonuses. The number of Masonic and IHSA scoresheets in each scorebook corresponds to the maximum number of each type of game available in the Masonic and IHSA State Tournament series, so your team can play from Round 0 to the State Championship in one book.

Each Regular Size IHSSBCA scorebook contains:

  • 100 IHSSBCA-format scoresheets,
  • 14 Masonic-format scoresheets,
  • 11 IHSA-style scoresheets,
  • 2 team record tracker sheets, and
  • 1 player tossup tracker sheet