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All dates are Saturdays unless otherwise noted.

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September 19: SchoBowlFest Online on Zoom and Facebook
The 2020 conference is free to IHSSBCA members.
Recordings of the sessions will be posted for free on the IHSSBCA Facebook page.

October 18: Qblitz October MS Challenge
1. Lakeside (Cumming, GA), 2. North Gwinnett (Sugar Hill, GA) A, 3. Ellicott City (MD)
Top players

October 24 – November 21: History Bowl Fall Middle School League Online
NHBB question set
Contact Marshall Mullins

Sunday, December 6: Qblitz December MS Challenge
Sponsored by Qwiz
1. North Gwinnet (Sugar Hill, GA) A, 2. Monrovia (Huntsville, AL) A, 3. St Benedict (Chicago) A

Top players from Illinois
9. WN, St Benedict (Chicago)
10. JF, Marshall (Rockford)
All top players

January 9 and 16: Knights’ Challenge Online (60 teams)
Sponsored by Auburn (Rockford)
Tournament restricted to JV and MS players
Middle School Division (24 teams)
1. Longfellow (Falls Church, VA) A, 2. North Gwinnett (Sugar Hill, GA) A, 3. University (Urbana), 4. River Trail (Johns Creek, GA) A
Top player: Deven Hagen, Longfellow (Falls Church, VA) A, 143 PPG
Statistics: preliminary rounds, playoffs, finals, and full statistics

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January 30: SCOP Varsity Online: MS Division
Sponsored by SCOP; formerly Winnebago Invitational

Saturday, February 27: History Bee and Bowl Winter League Novice Division Online (55 teams)
Middle School Division (22 teams)
1. Centennial Lane A, 2. Burleigh Manor A, 3. Burleigh Manor C, 4. Carnage

See this tournament’s HS results on the HS Tournament Central page

Sunday, March 7: Qblitz March MS Challenge
Sponsored by Qwiz
1. Monrovia (Huntsville, AL) A, 2. San Jose (CA) A, 3. North Gwinnett (Sugar Hill, GA)

Top players from Illinois
4. WN, St Benedict (Chicago)
8. JF, Marshall (Rockford)
All top players

April 25: NAQT Middle School Individual Player National Championship Tournament (50 players)
Questions by NAQT
1. Arin Parsa, Stanford Online (Redwood City, CA)
2. Aatreyo Bhattacharyya, Winston Churchill (Carmichael, CA)
3. Pranavkrishna Bharanidharan, California Montessori (Orangevale, CA)
4. Dhruv Veda, Burleigh Manor (Ellicott City, MD)
From Illinois: 9T. John Augustyn, Notre Dame (Clarendon Hills)

May 1-2: NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament Online (112 teams)
Questions by NAQT
1. Churchill (Carmichael, CA) A, 2. Longfellow (Falls Church, VA) A, 3. Burleigh Manor (Ellicott City, MD) A, 4. Stanford Online (Redwood City, CA)

Teams from Illinois: Daniel Wright (Lincolnshire) A; St Norbert (Northbrook); Springfield Franklin; St Benedict (Chicago); Daniel Wright (Lincolnshire) B; Frances Xavier Warde (Chicago); St Paul of the Cross (Park Ridge); St Andrew (Chicago) A; St Andrew (Chicago) B
Top player: Arin Parsa, Stanford Online (Redwood City, CA), 168.12 PPG

May 22: Finale Online
Sponsored by SCOP
SCOP B Novice set
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